Current Version: 1.5.20

DS4Windows allows for the use of your Dualshock 4 controller in Windows as a Xinput device (Xbox 360 controller) making it compatible with all 360 controller ready games. DS4Windows also adds features such as trackpad to mouse support.

Automatic profile switching based on active application, Adjustable stick sensitivity and curves for pinpoint accuracy, highly configurable custom macros, button combinations for macros to extend the functionality, full trackpad to mouse support, full rumble support (with rumble compatible games).


  • Windows Vista SP1, 7, 8, 8.1
  • .NET 4.5.2 *
  • C++ Common runtime libraries *
  • USB 2.0
  • SC Virtual Bus Drivers *
  • Micro USB cable **
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR minimum Broadcom chipset (Windows BT stack) ***

* Bundled with installer
**Required for wired mode only. USB cable must be a full data capable cable. The USB that comes with PS4 and most cellphones are good for charge only.
*** Required for bluetooth wireless mode only. While some users have had success on stacks other than the Windows stack, the Windows BT stack is by far the most successful.
*** Due to the constraints of the project, and the cost involved in developing for varying hardware, we are unable to fully guarantee compatibility with various BT adapters, the best we can do is to say which ones have worked for us thus far, it is recommended to visit our forum thread and ask around for suggestions from other users who have had success with various BT adapters.

For help or to discuss the project please visit our officially unofficial forum thread on here:

Clean easy to navigate GUI

Improved GUI makes accessing the programs features more intuitive and user friendly

Advanced stick mapping and control

Allows for precise stick tuning giving greater precision and control in game

2014-07-25 8-46-59Easy Button Mapping

With presets for common mapping for non controller supported games using WASD, Arrows, Mouse and more

2014-07-23 18-59-14Web Interface

Add full control to your controller and the DS4Windows tool without ever having to leave your couch

Primarily useful with NYKO's new cellphone clip for the DS4, but can be used without.

Shows live controller information through AJAX

2014-07-25 8-48-08Fully customizable macro programming

Incase the DS4 does not have enough features for you out of the box, you can add more using our WYSIWYG macro creator

Create macros that do simple keystrokes or advance key combinations

Change controller settings via macro

Trigger macros not just with single button presses, but with button combinations and trackpad gestures, giving your controller an unlimited number of button possibilities.

Version 1.5.20

Released on: Jan 21 2015
  • Stick axis tuning now affects gyro mapped to sticks
  • Added 3D icon set
  • Overlay popup on macro profile switch
click here for older versions.
Virtual bus drivers
DS4 Health Check

This is a fork and a continuation of an existing project.
I'd like to thank the following contributors for there work thus far Jays2Kings, electrobrains, and InhexSTER.

Please note, in order for ads to be automatically remove from the application at the time of donation, your DSDCS account must be set up prior to the donation and use the same email address as the PayPal account from which you are donating, otherwise you must contact us directly either by forums or email with your email addresses from both accounts for us to manually update your account to remove ads.

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